Categories in ShowBox App

Categories in ShowBox App

The majority of the world population loves and enjoys watching TV shows. Some watch them on TV, some online and many of them make use of the ShowBox app to watch their favourite TV show. ShowBox app is one of the most trending applications that has flourished over the years and now is one of the popular apps downloaded for Android and iOS devices. It has the widest collection of latest movies and streaming TV shows. The variable features developed by this app have only made it better and user-friendly. The latest movies, TV shows and also trailers of the upcoming movies are accessible by thousands of users across the globe.


ShowBox has taken every meticulous detail into consideration is providing the best to the users and also make it easy for everyone to use. There are numerous movies and TV shows and to search for the one we require would definitely be time-consuming. Keeping that in mind ShowBox developers have created a filter process to allow the user to choose the genre or category of their preference and on choosing one category the TV shows or movies listed under that genre will appear. On doing this, selecting a show or movie would be an easier task. There are over 100 TV shows which are updated with their latest episodes and seasons which are listed based on their rating.

To choose from over 100 TV shows in ShowBox for i-Phone isn’t an easy task. To make it easier there is a filter process which consists of the sorting process and the genre. The users can choose in which way they would like to sort the shows and also the genre they are interested in. There are more than 15 TV shows categories to choose from which are present in alphabetical order starting from Action and Adventure up to War and Western. These TV show categories help the user to choose their TV show much easily.

The few TV shows categories are:

  1. Action
  2. Adventure
  3. Animation
  4. Biography
  5. Comedy
  6. Drama
  7. Family
  8. History
  9. Musical
  10. Sci-Fi
  11. Thriller

These are just a few of the many categories available on ShowBox app to filter your favourite TV show. On choosing a category the shows listed under that category is displayed based on their rating. ShowBox also provides an option to change the sorting of shows in an alphabetical manner or else recently added shows or according to the ratings of the show. ShowBox App Download is not only for smartphones or tablets but also can be accessed through our PC and MacBook. Showbox is well planned and designed to get entertainment at free of cost. The one feature of ShowBox is to share the movies and shows with our friends by Wi-Fi connection and by being able to choose the show even fast by filtering them categorically is just a joy and exhilarating experience. Since ShowBox is available even on PC you can always plan a movie night along with your friends and enjoy the wonderful evening without having to spend much. The most satisfying and convenient feature of this app is being able to choose from the various TV shows categorically. So go ahead and get yourself ShowBox APK Download

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