How a layman can find the truth about Fluoridiation

How a layman can find the truth about Fluoridiation

Fortunately there are easy common sense methods of evaluating the pro’s and cons with Fluoridation. As long as you are willing to look for yourself and not simply believe what someone with vested interest claims, you can in short order build up your own understanding.

There are a couple of warning signs you need to start looking at.

First, something that is too toxic to dump in the ground should catch your attention when it is offered in your drinking water. When some company with a toxic by-product, that is expensive to safely dispose, starts to sell it to cities and counties for inclusion in the public water utilities, your interest should peak. When former chairmen on government boards decide to use Fluoride, and end up with a “made up” sounding post and $50k/yr with that same company, you should at the very least be looking in that direction. When there are claims of various physical ailments like thinning bone marrow, be smart enough to wanting to know more about it. When it is far more effective to use fluoride in toothpaste than drinking it (as it is really the enamel that supposedly needs it). Finally, when we have the inalienable right to choose to take medication, or not, you should be alert enough to wanting to know the truth about the medication included in your water.

Take the time to find out for yourself, don’t be thwarted by people who feel strongly about the proposed dangers it poses to them, and whom may engage you stronger than you are comfortable with. Realize that for some people this is a very important issue that have brought out strong emotions in them. Look beyond that and follow your own common sense.

Remember anyone who cannot explain something in layman language either has something to hide or does not know himself. (There are no exceptions. None.) If something does not make sense “pull the string” and ask questions until it does. Listen to your own gut feeling about someone telling you the truth and the whole truth. Don’t be thrown by authorities that does not even dare to enter public discussions. (There are currently NO government official at ANY level that is willing to sit down with our scientists and have an open discussion on the scientific merits of Fluoridation.)

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