What Parents Should Know About the Kik App?

What Parents Should Know About the Kik App?

Kik is a chatting app which is used largely by teens to communicate with their friends and do much more than the other messaging apps out there. It is completely free and gives you an ability to easily share famous content on the web without any limits whatsoever. Teens love it because it is very easy to use and sharing things with their friends is very convenient too. Most of the young generation have become so inclined towards Kik because creating an account is very simple and hassle free in Kik, unlike other messaging services. You don’t need to attach your phone number with your account; you can simply choose a username and Kik login or sign in on this page for free.

However, this ease and its features can be a double-edged sword for the following reasons, if you are a parent, you must definitely know about the below things about the Kik App.

Chat with strangers

Kik offers everyone with the ability to chat with complete strangers. Although it can be a good way to connect with new people, sometimes, being a parent you must keep an eye on your kid getting in touch with strangers. If something unfortunate happens, it can really lead to far off consequences and you will regret allowing your kid to use Kik. Thus, create a healthy balance and ask your kid to only interact with her friends and never get too close to someone she doesn’t know.

Costs money

Although the app itself and most of its features are free to use, there is a separate store inside the app which has other apps that cost money. Your kid might not be aware of this and if your credit card is integrated in your phone, it can lead to transactions that you don’t approve of. Sometimes, even your kid can purchase an app that you feel unworthy of the money spent on it. Thus, it is better if you give some attention to what your kid does within the app.

Inappropriate content

Texting and receiving messages from friends is fine and completely safe for your child, given that you know those friends. However, there are various apps on the app store inside of Kik that are of adult nature and are not fit for your children to use. You definitely don’t want your kid to use or see something that is not appropriate for their age. This might be even dangerous if your kid unknowingly installs or sees something which they shouldn’t have. If you want them to be safe on the platform, educate your kids regarding it.

Deactivate if necessary

If you feel that the privacy and safety of your kid is not in your control through this app, it is high time to deactivate Kik. If you want to deactivate your child’s Kik account, first log out the account by going into settings. You can also go through the tutorial to deactivate Kik account available on the website.

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